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 :: The Saba Ravishankar Memorial Award for Community Leadership - 2016  

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The Saba Ravishankar Memorial Award for Community Leadership

The Saba Ravishankar Memorial Award recognizes an outstanding individual every year from the National Capital Region whose contributions has been well appreciated by the National Capital Region Tamil Canadian Community. The contributions may be in education, culture, community services, business or any other recognised field over a long period of time. The outcome of such contributions is expected to be in one or more of the following:

  • Making a difference in the lives of Tamils
  • Making a significant difference in the lives of others
  • Excelling in a chosen discipline or profession which in turn would make all Tamils proud
  • Being recognized for his/her achievements by other institutions or relevant bodies


The nominees for the Saba Ravishankar Memorial Award shall satisfy one of the following eligibility criteria:

  • The Nominee shall live in the National Capital Region.
  • The Nominee should have lived in the National Capital Region when such contributions were made.

Call for nomination for the Saba Ravishankar Memorial Award 2016

All nominations should be received by the NCRTA awards subcommittee on or before 12 midnight of Saturday, March 19th 2016.

Nominations must be made using the nomination form provided on the NCRTA website. The Nominations could be submitted by one of the following options:

Online: Nominations could be filed online using the online form.
Click here if you choose to submit your entry via online form.

Email: The completed nominations could be scanned and emailed to
To download the nomination forms, access the following links: | MS-Word | RichText |

Selection Committee

In order to ensure the independence and integrity of the selection process, NCRTA will choose an Independent external selection committee. The selection committee shall consist of five members from the community spanning different age groups, life experience and gender.

Selection Process

All nominations received by the deadline will be sent to the selection committee. The Independent selection committee shall review the nominations and make a selection based on the information contained in the nomination forms as well as conduct interviews with the nominators, nominees, and others, if deemed necessary. Once the award recipient is identified, the selection committee shall inform the NCRTA board of its decision. The selection committee is solely responsible for selecting the winner for the award from the received nominations.

Please note that the selection committee will not take incomplete nominations into consideration.

Saba Ravishankar Award

This award is presented in honour of NCRTA's first president Saba Ravishankar who passed away in 2011 in recognition of his service to the Tamil community in the National Capital Region. He was a great role model for the young and old in our community. He was a leader in the community who loved the community, enjoyed community service and sports, and excelled in education.
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