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 :: NCRTA's Cyberbullying Awareness Campaign  

Dear Members:

It has been brought to our attention recently of increased incidents of cyber bulling on various social media sites administrated by our member base.

One of the key objectives of NCRTA is to recognize the significance of social issues that affect the Ottawa Tamil community. Cyber bullying is a most current and critical topic in our society and impacts us all without discrimination of race, sex or age.

What is Cyberbullying

Cyberbullying is the use of technology to harass, threaten, embarrass, or intimidate another person. It is bullying through email, instant messaging, chat room exchanges, website posts or digital images send to a cellular phone. Just like traditional bullying, cyberbullying involves aggression and a negative action that is often repeated. But to be fully satisfied, a cyberbully needs an audience and will take their activity to social media, Internet forums or comments sections.

Characteristics of the Cyberbully

  • Anonymity: These bullies often cruise the Internet under pseudonyms, often the victim does not know who is doing the bullying.
  • Accessibility: The cyber bully can approach his victim at any time over the Internet.
  • Disinhibition: The anonymity of the Internet can encourage an individual to commit acts they might not otherwise attempt in person. It affords false courage when the bully thinks he can't be identified

Bullying and the Law

For all of these criminal offences it is important to notify your local police department.
  • Criminal Harassment: Repeated tormenting online with texts and posts causing the other person to fear for their safety
  • Identity Theft/Fraud: Creating fake online profile to ruin someone's reputation
  • Defamatory Libel: Spreading rumors about someone
If you have been impacted or know of someone who has, kindly read the information on crime prevention by clicking on the link below or call 613-236-1222 to make a complaint with the Ottawa Police.

Cyber bullying can have disastrous consequences for children, teens and adults. It is imperative that we all deal swiftly with such cowardly acts.

Yours truly,

Noeline Dominic
President of NCRTA
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