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NCRTA receives several requests to inform National Capital Region Tamil community of upcoming events in Ottawa. In response to these requests, The National Capital Region Community Calendar was created on the NCRTA website in summer 2006.
Total events posted to our community calendar todate is

  • A community calendar entry should be an upcoming event which can be beneficial to the Tamil community in Ottawa.

  • A request for adding an event to the Community Calendar should be made via email addressed to with the following information:
    • Title of the event:
    • A short description of the event:
    • Date & Time (if applicable):
    • Location(if applicable):
    • A URL to point to for more information (if applicable):
    • An electronic copy of a flyer (attach if applicable):
    • Request made by:

  • After an event is posted to the calendar, a community calendar update notification will be sent to the NCRTA email receivers.

    In order to minimize the number of emails to the public, we will not send out the Community Calendar update email within the 7 day period since the last one was sent out.

  • The subject of the Community Calendar update will have a standard subject which is: NCR Community Calendar has been updated with new update.

  • Entries of expired events will be removed from the calendar.

Please refer to disclaimer below for NCRTA's stand on the non-NCRTA events:

Disclaimer for the NCRTA Community Calendar:

Under the community calendar pages of the NCRTA website, you may browse through the information about the community events beneficial to the Tamil community in the National Capital Region.

NCRTA is not responsible for the following:

  • for those events in general,
  • for any of the opinions expressed in those events,
  • for errors/omissions on the event information,
  • and for any external links.

NCRTA cannot guarantee to post each and every request it receives as it is subject to the NCRTA board's approval.

NCRTA reserves the right to modify the content if necessary.
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