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Seventh Annual Sports Tournament - 2012

National Capital Region Tamil Association (NCRTA) held its Seventh Annual Sports Tournament on Friday June 22nd 2012, Saturday June 23rd 2012 and Sunday June 24th 2012 in Ottawa.

Several sports activities were conducted for all age groups from pre-school children to above 40 adults with the main goal of the event as the friendly competition in a family type atmosphere.

NCRTA would like to take this opportunity to thank all the volunteers, the teams and everyone who participated, contributed and helped in numerous ways towards the success of 2012 edition of the Sports Tournament.

In addition to the sports activities, food and drinks were sold at the event on all three days by the volunteers and with your support, $2100 was collected from both the food sales and a 50/50 raffle. Proceeds have been handed over to the International Medical Health Organization (IMHO) to help out the war widowed women in Iyankam-kulam near Mullaitivu.

This great deed was possible because of your selfless support. Well done everyone.

Information on the winners of the NCRTA Seventh Annual Sports Tournament is below:

NCRTA Seventh Annual Sports Tournament - Winners

Adults Cricket   
  • Championship awarded to Paayum Puligal (Shanthan)
  • Runner's up: NCC (Kulan) and Summa Warriors (Thanesh)

  • Adult Volleyball   
  • Champions and Runners up Allakais 1 and Allakais 2

  • 40+ Soccer   
  • 1st Place Team Mohan
  • 2nd place Team Nathan
  • 3rd place Team Rajesh

  • 16-40 Soccer   
  • Eelam Group

  • Slow Bike   
  • Men - Alex S.
  • Women - Malini P.

  • Kids Cricket   
  • Winners - Team Bulls (Rajesh)

  • Kids Soccer   
  • Winners - Team Red (SriNava)

  • Pre-school   
  • Target Hit - Abitha Niranjan
  • Free Kick - Shanujan Guna

  • We are always looking forward to improve on our events and as such we shall be pleased to receive your comments. Please click here to provide your feedback.
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