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 :: Food and Snacks: 9th Annual Sports Tournament - 2014  

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Water, Snacks, Drinks and Meal: 9th Annual Sports Tournament - 2014

Come, Enjoy and Help a Good Cause

NCRTA will be providing water free of charge at the event.

Food and drinks will be sold at the event on both days. The proceeds from the food sale will go towards supporting Tamils in the homeland through IMHO (International Medical Health Organization based in Toronto). The project TBD.

The planned menu is given below:
Food ItemPriceWhen
Mutton Kothu Combo$8.99Sat & Sun Lunch / Dinner
Egg Kothu / Veggie Kothu Combo$7.99 Sat & Sun Lunch / Evening
Hotdog$2.00Sat & Sun Lunch / Evening
Hotdog combo: + drink & chips$3.00Sat & Sun Lunch / Evening
Samosa - Veggie: 3 per plate$2.00Sat & Sun starting from 9.00 am
Mutton rolls$1.00Sat & Sun starting from 9.00 am
Chips$1.00Sat & Sun Lunch / Evening
Drink: Tea/Pop/Juice$1.00Sat & Sun starting from 9.00 am
Jumbo Freezes$1.00Sat & Sun starting from 9.00 am
Ice cream cone$1.00Sat & Sun Lunch / Evening
Cupcakes1 for $2.00   
3 for $5.00   
Saturday & Sunday
Chundal Kadalai$1.00Sunday starting from 10.00 am

Breakfast special (Sunday only):
Special Omelette, 2 slices bread & coffee$3.00Sunday moring till 10.00 am
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