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 :: Registration: 9th Annual Sports Tournament - 2014  

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Registration: 9th Annual Sports Tournament - 2014

We are accepting entries for various sports events given below. Please note that the last day for team registration is June 16, 2014. A maximum of 8 teams will be accepted for Adult Cricket, Volleyball and Soccer events. Registration will be accepted on first come first served basis. Register your team early to avoid disappointment.

Participation fees schedule:

  • Adult Cricket: $ 70.00 per Team ( seven a side)
  • Adult Volleyball: $60.00 per Team.
  • Family Ticket: $ 15.00 per Family.
  • Adult ( 17 yrs +): $10.00 ( single event )
  • Child ( 7 - 16 yrs ): $5.00 ( single event)
  • Pre-Schoolers : Free.
  • Seniors (65 +) : Free.
  • Contact the event coordinators to register your team and for more information about the events.

    List of Event Cordinators:

  • Adult Cricket: Coordinator Mr. Ajanthan Thiru -- email:
  • Kids Cricket: Coordinator Mr. Ranjithan Camalalingam -- email:
  • Track and field: Coordinator Mr. Joseph Alexander -- email:
  • Adult Volleyball: Coordinator Mr. Amuthan tharmalingam -- email:
  • Soccer (Kids and Adult): Coordinator Mr. Kapilan Sellathurai -- email:
  • Preschoolers Soccer: Coordinator Mrs. Sasi Thanes -- email:
  • Women event: Mrs. Chandra Raveendran -- email:
  • Seniors event: Mr. Sathish Vallipuram -- email:
  • Slow Bicycling event: Coordinator Mr. Umakanth Thirugnanam -- email:
  • Registration Forms: | ADULTS | KIDs | INDIVIDUAL |
    Activities of Day #1:
    Saturday, June 21, 2013 at A.Y. Jackson Secondary School Sports Field
    150 Abbeyhill Drive, Kanata, ON, K2L 1H7 (Hazeldean Road & Eagleson Road -- Map)
    EventRegistration ContactFeeInfo Sheet
    Kids Cricket (6-16)Mr. Ranjithan Camalalingam
    As per fee schedule Info Sheet (PDF)
    Adults Cricket (17+)Mr. Thiru Ajanthan
    As per fee schedule Info Sheet (PDF)
    Track and Field (6+)Mr. Joseph Alexander
    As per fee schedule Info Sheet (PDF)
    Adults Volleyball (17+)Mr. Amuthan tharmalingam
    As per fee schedule Info Sheet (PDF)
    Activities of Day #2:
    Sunday, June 22, 2014 at Clarke Fields Park
    93 Houlahan Street, Nepean, ON (Strandherd Drive & Gorman Drive in Barrhaven -- Map)
    EventRegistration ContactFeeInfo Sheet
    Adults Volleyball (17+)
    - Semi-Final / Final
    Mr. Amuthan tharmalingam
    As per fee schedule Info Sheet (PDF)
    Kids Soccer
    - Kids (7-11 yrs)
    - Kids (12-15 yrs)
    - Youth (16+)
    Mr. Kapilan Sellathurai
    As per fee schedule Info Sheet (PDF)
    Adult Soccer ( 40+ )
    - If sufficient participants are available.
    Mr. Kapilan Sellathurai
    As per fee schedule Info Sheet (PDF)
    Preschoolers Events
    - Free kick of soccer ball, target-hit, or any other events suitable for kids.
    Mrs. Sasi Thanesh
    As per fee schedule -
    Women Sports EventMrs. Chandra Raveendran
    As per fee schedule -
    Seniors Sports Event (TBD)Mr. Sathish Vallipuram
    As per fee schedule -
    Slow Bicycling EventMr. Umakanth Thirugnanam
    $2.00/attempt Info Sheet (PDF)
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