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Same as previous years, there will be an opportunity for commercial organizations and entrepreneurs to promote their products and services at the NCRTA Seventh Annual Indoor Winter Picnic. You can choose from the following options.

Option A: Advertise on the winter event handbook -- Cost is as below:

  1. BackCover 1/2 page: $375
    NCRTA Winter Event Handbooks in the past:
    2011 / 2010 / 2008 /
  2. Inside Front Cover 1/4 page: $175
  3. CenterPage 1/8:  $75
  4. Inside Back Cover 1/8 page: $75
  5. All other pages 1/8 page: $50

This option includes the following:

  • Business listed in the NCRTA Electronic phone book for one year.
  • Business will be included in the slide-show to be displayed at the beginning of the event and during dinner.
  • Business-cards, Brochures and Flyers can be displayed in the designated area.

Businesses that choose the $175 or greater option will get the following additional features:

  • Business owner or representative will be introduced to the audience during the event (if present).
  • Business banner may be displayed at the event (limited to 6 businesses on a first come first served basis)

Note: Businesses with option A may display their banner for additional $50.

Option B: Setup a booth at the event to promote a business -- Cost is $150.00

A table will be allocated where the business may promote its product or services.

Option C: Prizes for the Raffle

A Raffle is part of the NCRTA Winter Picnic.

Business organizations can offer prize item (minimum value of $25) for the raffle. In return, business owners (or a delegate) who supply a prize for the raffle will be called to give away the prize during the Raffle draw.

Please email us at to let us know your choice. The spots on the event handbook will be allocated on a first come first served basis. Act soon.

Following rules and conditions may apply:

  • Business cannot sell its items at the venue. Only the promotion is allowed.
  • In Option A, one advertisement slot per business type is allowed. To advertise a second business, even if it is from the same owner, a second slot may be purchased.
  • NCRTA reserves the rights
    • to accept or decline an advertisement.
    • to limit or edit any information asked to be placed on its printed materials.
    • to decide on the expiry date of an information on its Electronic Phone Book.
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