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NCRTA events are open to all. However, only NCRTA members enjoy many other benefits. Therefore, please come and join the National Capital Region Tamil Association (NCRTA) as a member.

As of November 1st 2012, the spouse of an existing NCRTA member can become an NCRTA member at no additional cost. If your spouse is a member, please contact the NCRTA membership team to activate your NCRTA membership.

All existing non-lifetime members who joined NCRTA prior to 2012 can become lifetime members at no additional cost. If you are a non-lifetime member who joined NCRTA prior to 2012, please contact the NCRTA membership team to activate your lifetime membership.

Our low membership fee was introduced to encourage more to become members of NCRTA.
Download Membership Form
Click here for the Membership form in MS-EXCEL format Type-able MS-EXCEL
 NCRTA membership form
Download and fill the form on your PC or make a print out if you prefer to use a pen to fill the form.

You may wonder why one should become a member of NCRTA. Here are a few reasons:
  • Why not? NCRTA is your organization.
  • Receive NCRTA announcements and stay informed about our community activities and events in the National Capital Region.
  • NCRTA organizes variety of events throughout the year for all age groups.
  • NCRTA encourages youth involvement in all programs. Since 2011, we have organized youth recognition & appreciation events to encourage students who enter colleges and universities.
  • NCRTA members are eligible to get discounted tickets for NCRTA events. The membership pays for itself very quickly.
  • As an NCRTA member, you are eligible to vote at the AGM to elect the directors of the 15 member NCRTA board.In addition, you may also run for positions in the board.
  • You can get involved in coordinating NCRTA activities.
  • With the full support of the community, NCRTA can continue to evolve and serve the community better.
How to become member?
  • Download the membership form.
  • Fill the minimal information such as Full name and Phone number, and email back to
  • We will fill up the form and one of our board members will contact you.

    Once NCRTA receives the signed form and payment (if applicable), and after the approval by the NCRTA membership team, you will become an NCRTA member.

How much does it cost?
The new fee for NCRTA membership is as follows:
  • Youth (Age 18 - 23):
    • 1 year membership: CDN $1.00
    • Lifetime membership: CDN $5.00
  • Others (Age 24 & up):
    • 1 year membership: CDN $2.00
    • Lifetime membership: CDN $10.00

For more information, please contact NCRTA membership team.
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