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NCRTA is planning on holding seminars & workshop, subject to general interest and sign up, to benefit our community in general.

The Survey: Thank you for those of you who filled and submitted the signup forms at the 2011 NCRTA Winter Picnic. If you have not filled a form at the event, we request few minutes of your time to help us understand the seminars/workshops interests among you and determine the roll out priority. We would like to receive your inputs to determine the priorities of the seminar topics for the future seminars/workshops. Click here to use the online form to let us know which topics are important for you.

The Digital Photograpy: Registration has started for the Digital Photograpy workshop to be held on Saturday, April 02, 2011. Those who filled and submitted the signup forms at the 2011 NCRTA Winter Picnic rated the Digital Photography as one of the preferred topics. Click here for more information and to register for this workshop.

The planned seminars will only be viable if enough people show interest and sign up and therefore, it is really important for enough signups and attendance.

The Topics

Currently the following subjects are selected for NCRTA Seminars and Workshops. We will add more topics as we receive inputs.

Please note that due to the bugetary constraints, only a limited but most wanted seminars and workshops will happen in 2011.

  1. Digital Photography
  2. Financial Planning
  3. Tax and Tax Planning
  4. All About Wills
  5. Estate Planning
  6. Retirement Planning
  7. Insurance: Critical-illness & Disability
  8. Insurance: Life
  9. Insurance: Car & Home
  10. Parenting kids/teens -- a workshop for parents
  11. Job Search -- Private and Government sector
  12. Drug Awareness
  13. Medical Drug Awareness
  14. Internet Safety
  15. Internet Social Networking Safety
  16. Fire Safety at Home
  17. Real Estate Basics
  18. Real Estate - Investment
  19. Mortgages
  20. Home Maintenance
  21. Home Renovations & Improvements
  22. Dental Hygiene
  23. Weight Management
  24. Diet & Nutrition
  25. Winter Driving Safety
  26. Defensive Driving
  27. Eelavar History for Kids
  28. Thamizh Culture for Kids
The Cost

Seminars/Workshops will be free for NCRTA members and will be at a nominal cost to non-members. A non-member can *join NCRTA as a member to attend the seminars for free.

Please note that since the budget for the seminars are workshops is limited, NCRTA reserves the rights

  • to decide on the number of seminars and workshops in an year
  • to change its policy on free admission
  • What's Next

    Please stay tuned for more information.

    *NOTE: 2-year NCRTA membership fee is only $5 and 5-year NCRTA membership fee is only $10. Click here, if you would like to find more about the NCRTA membership -OR- if you would like to renew/enroll as an NCRTA member.
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