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You may wonder why one should become a member of NCRTA. Here are a few reasons:

  • Why not? NCRTA is your organization.
  • Receive NCRTA announcements and stay informed about our community activities and events in the National Capital Region.
  • NCRTA organizes variety of events throughout the year for all age groups.
  • NCRTA encourages youth involvement in all programs. Since 2011, we have organized youth recognition & appreciation events to encourage students who enter colleges and universities.
  • NCRTA members are eligible to get discounted tickets for NCRTA events. The membership pays for itself very quickly.
  • As an NCRTA member, you are eligible to vote at the AGM to elect the directors of the 15 member NCRTA board.In addition, you may also run for positions in the board.
  • You can get involved in coordinating NCRTA activities.
  • With the full support of the community, NCRTA can continue to evolve and serve the community better.

How to become member?

    • Fill the membership form below with your maximum possible details.
    • Once NCRTA receives the completed form and payment (if applicable), we will review your information and make you as a NCRTA member.


How much does it cost?

The new fee for NCRTA membership is as follows :

  • Children (Under Age 18) :  Free Lifetime Membership
  • Others (Age 18 & Up) : Lifetime Membership – CDN $ 20

For more information, please contact NCRTA membership team.

Be part of our members

NCRTA events are open to all. However, only NCRTA members enjoy many other benefits. Therefore, please come and join the National Capital Region Tamil Association (NCRTA) as a member FREE of charge until July 15th.

Discover the many benefits awaiting you as a proud member of NCRTA:

  • Ownership: NCRTA is more than just an organization; it’s a collective endeavor representing you and your community.
  • Stay Informed: Be the first to know about NCRTA announcements, community activities, and events happening in the vibrant National Capital Region.
  • Diverse Events: Experience a rich tapestry of events curated for all age groups, ensuring there’s always something exciting on the horizon
  • Youth Empowerment: Championing the next generation, NCRTA actively involves youth in its programs, fostering their development and recognition since 2011.
  • Democratic Participation: Exercise your right to vote at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) to elect directors for the esteemed 15-member NCRTA board. Moreover, seize the opportunity to stand for board positions and shape the organization’s trajectory.
  • Active Engagement: Dive into the heart of NCRTA’s activities by volunteering to coordinate events and initiatives, making a tangible difference in your community
  • Community Support: With your involvement, NCRTA can continuously evolve, refining its services and outreach to better serve the needs of the community

Embrace the spirit of belonging and empowerment as an NCRTAmember, where every contribution fuels positive change and collective growth.

Join us today and be part of something truly remarkable.

Note: Only members in good standing can vote in the AGMs and run for the executive board

Membership Form

Employment Opportunities

A few of the companies we have had charity team building events with: